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The Love of my Life by artfreak3394 The Love of my Life :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 0 Myself by artfreak3394 Myself :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 3 14 Teary Goodbyes by artfreak3394 Teary Goodbyes :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 0 Me Again Down Here by artfreak3394 Me Again Down Here :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 1 12 Blah by artfreak3394 Blah :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 8
My Love
What do I love about him? I love his green eyes. I love the way they get almost lime green when he's excited. I love the way the sun hits them and sends a burst of green-yellow from the middle. I love his smile. It reaches out and forms a smile on my face. I love his soft, baby pink lips and the way they feel against my skin. I love his rough, callused hands. I love the way they feel intertwined with mine, or when he draws circles on my back in bed. I love his strong arms and the way they feel when he pulls me close. I love kissing his soft neck and the way he tries to control his breathing when I do. i love his muscular, freckled back. I love his perfectly molded chest and the way his dog tags fit perfectly against it. I love the way he makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. I love when he nuzzles in close to me and lays his head on my chest. I love when he kisses the top of my head. I love the way he apologizes when he swears. I love how he excited he gets over little thi
:iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 0
Reality Check
I wish that I wanted to stay awake because then, then I would know that my reality was better than my dreams. Unfortunately this isn't the case. I cannot wait until unconsciousness takes over. I drift off into a world of ease. No more pain and suffering. Vividly bright colors lighting up my world. I happily walk along with a bounce in my step an a familiar tune hummed from my lips. I stop and stare up at the bright blue sky. A few whispy clouds smiling down at me. I lay on the forest green grass and close my eyes as I soak in as many rays of sunlight as I can. A light breeze stirs up and tickles my face and brings my hair to life. Making it dance around causing me to laugh. A familiar smell reaches my nose. My favorite A smile quickly forms on my face. I don't open my eyes because then this dream will end. I roll over on my side and run my fingers through the grass. Feeling what it looks like. A warm presence takes over my whole body. A muscular arm wraps itself around me a
:iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 0
My Heart by artfreak3394 My Heart :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 1 0 BrotherSister Love Edited by artfreak3394 BrotherSister Love Edited :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 10
Last night, I woke up to Brent kissing my forehead. I went to get up and he just said, "No, stay right there baby." He took off his shoes, shirt, and pants. (Yes people he had boxers on.) Then he slid his dogtag necklace over his head and set it next to the bed, climbed behind me and pulled me in close to his body. I could feel his heartbeat and his steady breathing on my neck. I kissed his bicep, felt him kiss my neck and then fell asleep silently counting as his heartbeat against me. Not a word was spoken, not even an I love you, but it was not necessary. It was just implied. The love we share for each other is just…there. It doesn't need to be said it is shown through our actions. Sometimes that's better than saying it.
:iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 2 0
Semper Fi by artfreak3394 Semper Fi :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 0 22 BrotherSister Love by artfreak3394 BrotherSister Love :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 2 14
What A Liar
Whoa, Whoa
Oh boy you gone and done me wrong too many times
Lyin' how you're sleepin' but you're really sneakin' 'round
I really wanna trust you boy but you ain't givin' me no reason
Wonderin' what you're doin' when I'm all alone
Your kisses sweet as honey
And your touch brings me to the ground
You're crazy dangerous but I love you all around
You picked the wrong girl to mess with
I got you figured out
I got friends in places you don't wanna know about
What a little liar.
:iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 1 0
Down The Beaten Path by artfreak3394 Down The Beaten Path :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 5 8 Casey Taylor by artfreak3394 Casey Taylor :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 1 8 Rivalry Bonfire by artfreak3394 Rivalry Bonfire :iconartfreak3394:artfreak3394 1 36


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United States
I'm a pretty relaxed go with the flow type person. I love to sing, write music, and photography. I've been horseback riding since I was 7, and been singing since I can't even remember. The writing of songs is a new development. I go to a private high school in my hometown. I have the most amazing best friends I could ever ask for. I'm very close with my parents, and family. My boyfriend is a US Marine and I love him to death. USMC<3

Current Residence: New Hampshire
Favourite genre of music: country
Favourite photographer: my friend laura
Favourite style of art: all of it
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: winnie the pooh :)
Personal Quote: music expresses that which cannot be put into words
  • Listening to: Just A Dream-Nelly
  • Reading: Nothin' right now
  • Watching: Nothin'
  • Playing: Nothin'
  • Eating: Grilled cheese :D
  • Drinking: Nothin'
Hey guys! So I just wanted to share a HUGE part of my blog. If I fail to update my life and such on here, then please feel free to head on over to my blog and tell me to get my butt back to deviant! lol

Here's the link to my blog: myheartsprotectedbyanm-16.tumb…

And then here's where you can talk to me and tell me stuff on my blog: myheartsprotectedbyanm-16.tumb…

Well my dears, I hope everyone is doing well and your lives are going as amazingly as mine is. Love you all! :heart:

Much :heart:

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